Middle School Course Planner

Middle School Course Planner

Our Middle School Course Planner follows the American Common Core Standards.  In addition to the traditional courses students would take as part of this curriculum, students will also take Thai and Chinese language courses, so that they are on track to graduate as tri-lingual speakers. 

Students Services will work in conjunction with teachers to determine the appropriate pathway for each individual student.  Along with the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test results and parent consent, teachers will provide feedback which will help our team place students in the appropriate courses.  Parents will receive a course planner form each March which will detail the courses their student will be taking the following year.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and attend parents conferences, as well as Student Services presentationsto monitor student progress and to stay informed.

Students in grades 5-8 will take a variety of electives including, music, art, tech, and PE.  By exposing students to courses outside of their core academic subjects, they will have a more narrow focus when choosing electives in High School.  Doing this will create well-rounded students with varied skill-sets. 

Students needing extra support in English can receive additional help via our Middle School Language Academy program.  It is our goal that students will achieve a level of English proficiency by grade 9, which will allow them to succeed in their High School courses.  Middle School students are also welcome to seek Peer Tutoring or ASEP support in subjects they are struggling in.


Middle School Course Planner 2017-18