High School Course Catalog

High School Course Catalog

Warm Greetings to High School Parents and Students! 

This program of studies page has been developed to assist students and parents in planning courses that meet the individual needs, interests, and goals for further education. In the PDF above are descriptions of the courses that we plan to offer for the 2018-2019 academic year. 
Parents and students of grades 8-11 should carefully read the program of studies and related information.  This information will be useful for Middle School Grade 8 students to prepare for their selection of courses for Grade 9.  In consultation with the counselor and teachers, Grades 8-11 students will make an appropriate selection of courses for the following academic year.  

The inclusion of a course in the HS Course Catalog does not guarantee that the course will open nor necessarily fit into the student’s schedule, as scheduling of courses is dependent on a minimum number of students signing up to take the course, and the most effective utilization of teachers.  The school reserves the right to cancel any course for administrative reasons. 

The High School program (Grades 9-12) at the Thai-Chinese International School is designed to prepare students for college and university admission.  Students are advised to take courses that are academically challenging and meet the admission requirements of universities in the country where they intend to study. Students should choose courses that are suited to individual interests and occupational plans.  

TCIS offers the Advanced Placement (AP) program.  These are college level courses and examinations that give students the opportunity to study individual subjects in depth.  Students are challenged to work hard in order to learn as much about a subject as they can, discover new interests and prepare themselves for the rigors of college work.  A large majority of colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and across the globe, give credit and/or advanced standing to students with AP examination scores of 3 or higher; however, individual institutions determine this.  Taiwanese universities also give extra weight to AP courses. 

Students are encouraged to think about taking academically challenging courses in high school. Teacher recommendations to participate in these classes validate the following abilities to: 

  1. Work hard. 
  2. Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility. 
  3. Learn both independently, from fellow students, as well as from teachers. 
  4. Work collaboratively in both seeking and sharing knowledge. 
  5. Approach tasks with a sense of purpose and to their completion.