Welcome to the TCIS After School Enrichment Program (ASEP). We offer educational and recreational after school programs for Pre-K through High School students. Classes are conducted by qualified, certified teachers to provide the best for your child. We offer individual as well as group classes of up to 10 students.

Our Programs are divided into 2 sections:


This program offers classes in all core subject areas such as: Math, Science, English, Social Studies as well as Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Classes can be individual or groups of up to 6 students.


OPTIONS Fee per Student/Class
Individual 1000 Baht
Group of 2 800 Baht
Group of 3 700 Baht
Group of 4 600 Baht
Group of 5 500 Baht
Group of 6 400 Baht


The Special Program offers:

  • Remedial Classes for MS & HS courses. Students need to be recommended by subject teachers and/or Student Services to attend these classes. This is a group class option of 7-10 students.
  • Recreational Activities.  Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance, Chinese Dance, Thai Dance, Yoga, Water Color Painting, Chinese Calliography, Robotics, DIY Crafts are just a few of the new and exciting acitivites offered under this catagory this year. These will be group classes of 6-10 students.


OPTIONS Fee per Student/Class
Remedial classes (7-10 students) 400 Baht
Special Classes (6 -10 students) 400 Baht


Official ASEP Progam days: Tuesday through Friday

Time: 3:30 - 4:30 PM.


The TCIS ASEP Program is coordinated by Ms. Shanesz & Ms. Yi-Ling. We hope this website will assist all parents and teachers with necessary information about all the programs offered. 

ASEP registrations will be done through this website. Please click 'Register' to access registration forms. After sign-up is completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details. All payments are to be made to the TCIS Cashier by cash, credit or bank transfer.