Middle School Counseling

Middle School Counseling

The adolescent years can be both interesting and challenging as both students and parents explore this transitional period. Our students are experiencing physical, emotional and social changes and are learning how to journey through these years. In Middle School, counselors respond to these challenges and guide the students on how to manage, cope and problem solve, while achieving academic success.

Counselors work with teachers, administration, and parents to help students learn and succeed by providing individual counseling to students, consultation to families, and classroom support to teachers.

Throughout the year, we will have presentations and events geared towards helping students succeed in Middle School, and also help them with their transition from Middle School to High School.  One such event is the "Taste of High School", where Grade 8 students can learn about what courses will be offered in High School directly from their teachers.  Students will convene in the 5th Floor Gym where tables will be set up for each teacher to explain their courses and hand out any relevant information.  Parents are welcome to attend as well!

Counselors  also provide leadership by teaching character education through the Second Step program. The Second Step program teaches themes in the following areas:

  1. Empathy and Communication

  2. Bullying Prevention

  3. Emotional Management and Coping

  4. Problem Solving, Decision Making and Goal Setting

  5. Substance Abuse Prevention