High School Grade 11

High School Grade 11 - A Critical Year

Grade 11 is arguably the most important year of high school.  With classes becoming increasingly difficult, SAT and ACT testing, and beginning to think about possible university options, there's certainly a lot going on!  This is also potentially a student's last year to improve their grade point average (GPA), since many students will apply to university before the end of the first semester of their senior year.  Additionally, universities want to see that student's grades are trending up, so we encourage all Grade 11 students to try their absolute best.

We will work with students to make sure they are taking as challenging a curriculum as they can handle, encouraging students to take some of the various Advanced Placement (AP) classes we offer.  Student Services will meet with students periodically throughout the year to ensure students have the support they need for success in school and out, and to ensure they are on the proper track towards graduation.  We also strongly encourage students to look into various summer programs that can both bolster their university applications, and help them become more educated and well-rounded global citizens.

It is our goal to support all of our Grade 11 students' personal, social, academic, and career needs as they embark on this challenging year of school.