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TCIS (Thai-Chinese International School) is a pre-kindergarten-grade 12 international school in Samutprakarn located near Bangkok and close to Mega Banga and Suvarnabhumi.

Founded in 1995 TCIS is an American curriculum school with a focus on trilingual education. The curriculum is student centered and dynamic. We challenge students to collaborate, communicate, be creative, and to think critically. Our educators implement learning experiences that allow students to master the 21st century skills necessary for future success.

All core subject classes are taught in English by fluent native speakers while Thai and Chinese (Mandarin and both traditional and simplified) language classes are taught by native Thai and Taiwanese teachers. TCIS has separate elementary, middle and high school facilities. TCIS offers after school academic, athletic and enrichment programs.

TCIS graduates received over $1,000,000 in university scholarships in 2018 and 100% of graduates were accepted to top universities in North America, Europe and Asia.



May 3, 2019

ES Weekly News

May 1, 2019

TCIS School Newspaper




TCIS Smile Club, along with the alumni execoms, visited the Operation Smile Thailand headquarters today to make a donation. The donation consists of all the fundraising events from the past two years combined. The Smile Club is proud to be able to donate money for a total of 3 surgeries (72,300 Baht) for children with facial deformities. We appreciate all the support from TCIS students and teachers. The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program is a great opportunity for everyone. It helps students improve their reading and vocabulary. Reading is very important because it makes you more familiar with words you have never encountered before, and you can use them in your writing. The TCIS English Department implemented Accelerated Reader in the entire Middle School with great success this year. We have had numerous students read over 10 novels and passed full comprehension tests for these novels. Some students read as many as 50 novels. This program is truly impressive, and we are proud of each and every one of our Middle School students. Below are the top three students from each grade.  The number out beside their name is the number of Accelerated Reader points they earned this year.  Pa (Grade 8) was the Middle School top finisher and read and passed AR tests on 43 books and most of those were on high school and college level novels. Boing (Grade 5) was in second place in middle school and read 49 books this school year.  Nano (Grade 8) was in 3rd place overall and read 49 novels. Reading is the backbone to a successful high school experience, and we know that each one of these students will be a superstar in High School.  Congrats to each and every one of these amazing students and to our entire Middle School! Thank you to Ms. Tracy, Mr. Victor, Mr. Sean and Mr. Michael for working on this program all year! 
Grade 5
1st: Boeing 460
2nd: Fa-Tian 280
3rd: Aaron 212 
Grade 6
1st:  Kitty - 124.9
2nd: Praew - 124.4
3rd: Zhen-Xiang - 97

Grade 7
1st:  Nadia 157
2nd:  Amy 143
3rd:  Lara 134

Grade 8
1st: Pa 505
2nd: Nano 335
3rd: Gabriel 218
3rd: Aurora 218 TCIS Japanese Day!!🎎🎏
Date: May 17th, 2019 
Time: 2p.m.
Place: 5th floor gym 
Japanese Food 🍣🍱🍙and Game 🏓⚾️ Japanese 3 students had a chance to go to a trendy spot in Bangkok - a Japanese shopping mall called TCIS would like to extend congratulations to Kim, Eun Hye (Grace) Grade 11 for having her artwork published in the EARCOS Triannual Journal’s Spring 2019 HS Gallery.  Grace’s Advanced Art large-scale work, was inspired by American artist Jim Dine, and incorporates several different methods of applying paint.  This unique and active art piece can currently be viewed in the Registrar’s Office. Congratulations on this achievement Grace!  We are very proud of you! On May 5, 2019, at the Royal Coronation Ceremony, Bimon and Tonhom served as interpreters starting around 9 AM and finishing at 6 PM. They worked as the interpreters for the English and Chinese speakers and also helped give the ceremonial information to Thai people who are attended the ceremony. Their language skills represented the outstanding TCIS language programs. Their respect, service minds, and dedication reflected the TCIS environment which cultivated these wonderful mindsets. Thank you Bimon and Tonhom for representing TCIS at his historic ceremony for His Majesty the King. The TCIS U15 Girls Volleyball Team is competing in the BISEC tournament this weekend. They just won their first game 2-0 vs BKKP!  Congrats Team and Ms. Sam! Go Wolves! Last week, the Korean language class students went to the Korean Culture Field Trip to the Korean Cultural Center and Korea Town in Bangkok. Students really enjoyed the trip with special hands-on experiences about Korean culture and they could have a chance to use Korean language skill in real life situations. Thank you Ms. Joy for organizing this real-world experience for students! Our youngest students in PK2 have their days filled with fun activities and learning.  Ms. Kathy, our PK2 teacher, teaches these students and does a fantastic job.  Our PK2 students also travel throughout the school community to learn. This photo is of them with our librarian, Mr. Joseph, as he is reading them a story. The students were so interested in the story.  Thank you Ms. Kathy and Mr. Joseph for this fun adventure for the PK2 students to visit the library. Congratulations to our TCIS Alumni Yoyo (Nalinee Changcharoenkij) on her acceptance to the University of California at Berkeley. She was admitted to the Civil and Environmental Engineering  Master’s program.  UC Berkeley is one of the top schools in the world and this is truly an impressive accomplishment.  The entire TCIS community celebrates with Yoyo! Ten of our TCIS students participated in a Japanese speech contest on Jan 15 at Srinakharinwirot University. This contest wasn't just a speech contest. Students had to write a 10 min original story in Japanese in order to pass the first round. The contest was open to not only all international schools but also to Thai schools in/around Bangkok. 15 teams passed the first round and TWO teams were from TCIS! Both teams did a wonderful job presenting their story and they were both recognized on the stage at the end of the contest. Our G12 team won 3rd place!! We are so proud of these students. Congratulations to these students and to Ms. Anna for preparing them so well! The Environmental Science class went on a barge on Chao Phraya River. They tested 9 parameters of water quality include Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrates, Phosphates, turbidity, and explored the biodiversity of the river. Although the water quality tested poor-average range, they were able to find many different kinds of macro-invertebrates including river prawn, snails, and lots of insect larvas! Great fun and Lots of learning! Thank you Ms. Linda for organizing this great hands-on trip! The TCIS Songkran Celebration took place on April 5, 2019! Students and Staff wore Central Thai traditional dress or colorful floral printed shirts. Mr. Yosapol Changcharoenkij (Mr. Chang Wei Pien), Chairman of the School Board and School Licensee, welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Our honored guests were Ms. Wanpen Thongtiew and the officers from Samutprakarn Provincial Education Office as well as the TCIS Foundation Board members. The ceremony was planned by Kru Rung and the Thai Department. The performances were beautiful. The ceremony included an offering to the monks who presided over the ceremony. A water pouring ceremony was conducted where all staff members were given offerings by students. Food, games and water fun filled the rest of the day. It was truly an amazing day and our Thai Department always does such a marvelous job at organizing these days. Thanks to our photographers Kevin (Grade 12), Emmy (Grade 9), Arly (Grade 9), Path (Grade 9), Dora (Grade 9), Mr. Joseph and Mr. New! More photos to come each day! Dear TCIS community,
The Elementary School and Imagine Thailand want to give a  huge THANK YOU for your generosity. They surpassed their goal of 30,000 baht raised. 
Total: 33,120 Baht 
The winning class was Ms. Katie's homeroom (1B) who racked up a total amount of 7,225 baht in our bucket. 
There was one family (HS student) here at TCIS that donated 5,000 baht!

Again, thank you for all your donations. Imagine Thailand will be able to install a water filtration system at a local school and YOU have just made so many more kids happy and healthy! Congratulations to our Speak Out English Language Speech Competition! These students were very impressive. 
Middle School
1st place: Ingrid (grade 6) [School Should Not Give Homework]
2nd place: Boeing (grade 5) [Sharks: Just Misunderstood]
3rd place: Shera (grade 6) [Cigarettes Should be Made Illegal] &  Julian (grade 5) [The Greatness of Searching Underwater]

High School
1st place: Maggie (grade 11) [ The TCIS Boys Softball Team just WON the BISAC SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT!! FIRST PLACE TROPHY!! They ended up being Undefeated throughout the season, outscoring opponents 126-49 over 6 games. Pretty incredible.

In the Semi Finals, they had a game winning hit to advance into the Championship game, winning 10-9.

Championship game was also close. They came back in the last two innings and won 8-7 in a thriller!

Coach Sean said “Happy for the Senior class. Last year, they fell just short of winning it all. Their commitment to the team, the energy they brought to the field, the leadership they showed towards the young players, and their WINNING mentality helped them all season. It paid off How bout those WOLVES?!” Congratulations to this amazing team and to Coach Sean.  A vey impressive victory. TCIS golfers attended the Annual BISAC Golf Tournament over the weekend. The tournament was held at the Lotus Valley Golf Resort. Over 100 student-athletes from surrounding schools attended this tournament. Two of our students placed in the top of their division. 
Jimmy placed 3rd in the Age 13-15 Mens Division
Stacy placed 3rd in the Age 10-Under Women's Division

Jimmy (Gr. 9) 
Pro (Gr. 9)
Wood (Gr. 7)
Stacy (Gr. 4) 
Our TCIS Golfers are doing great.  Keep up the great work! Way to go Coach Sean! FINTECH  Summer Camp in Taiwan 
Date: 7/10-7/20 
Fee:  USD 600 ( Air ticket and insurance and VISA are not included)
Deadline: 26/Apr in TCIS ( Will close to signing up if up to 20 students)
Seats available: Up to 20 (First come first serve)
Open to: G8-9-10-11-12 
Contact with Ms.YiLing yiling@tcis.ac.th At the TCIS, our teachers and administrators know that students who become lifelong learners are the ones that succeed.  We try to encourage this concept in many ways. One of these ways is by modeling the importance of learning even as adults.  Congratulations to Dr. Michael, Middle School Principal, on his successful dissertation defense on Saturday. Dr. John, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Robin, and others joined him to celebrate this special day. Mr. Michael said, The TCIS Drama & Theater Arts Class will present their Spring Theater Production, titled “The New Girl”, on Wednesday, April 3rd, and Thursday, April 4th, 2019. This is a stage play adapted from the famous musical “Grease”. This is the story of Sandy and Danny, two High School Seniors who meet the Summer before their senior year and spend a few romantic weeks together. They end the summer thinking they’ll never see each other again, but they are both surprised when they unexpectedly end up at attending the same school in the Fall. The New Girl is a Romantic Comedy that explores themes of High School dating, the consequences of your actions, and being true to who you really are.

Tickets are available at High School Lunch beginning on Monday, March 18th; alternatively, you can email Mr. Jay directly at james.carlin@tcis.ac.th to reserve tickets. Tickets cost only ฿100 baht, and all proceeds go towards purchasing new headsets and theater equipment for future Drama classes. TCIS Alumni / Graduates who were in the Drama Program while they were students at TCIS can receive two complimentary tickets to the show by contacting Mr. Jay directly.

Please come and support these 20 Drama students as they present their hard work from this year. We look forward to seeing you at the performances!