Admissions FAQs

A personal interview and previous school records will be used to determine placement. In cases where students are non-native English speakers, an English test will be administered to determine placement. A native language test or interview may also be used.

We accept rolling admissions.
Yes. All students need to fill out an application and also need to prepare student health record and school transcripts (if applicable) as well as providing us with other documents.
No. We will test your student and recommend classes and additional support based on your student’s language proficiency.
Your child will be assessed for their proficiency in Chinese, English and Thai and will be placed in the appropriate language classes. We use interviews conducted by our staff, the child’s interest and a standardized test to determine other academic placements and grade.
There is a non-refundable application fee of 3000 baht paid to the cashier’s office prior to admission interviews and placement tests.
Tuition cost is dependent on the grade of your child. All of our tuition information is available on our website at
There is an application fee (3000 Baht), one time registration fee (100,000 Baht) and campus development fund (100,000 Baht which is refundable upon graduation or withdrawal from school).
Yes. Please see for additional information or ask our admissions staff.
We do not currently offer any financial aid.
Please contact TCIS to schedule a visit. Tours are generally done in the morning and you should allow for 60 minutes.
We offer a free trial for PK2- G9. Please contact TCIS to get more information about the trial.