Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday at the TCIS Library

Our library lessons from Friday, February 22nd (day 3) to Friday, March 1st (day 2) will focus on the life and work of Dr. Seuss.

Read-alouds and video clips will support the content, with students having a chance to volunteer to read/recite some famous Dr. Seuss lines.

To further celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday with G1-G4 students, the library will have red and white layered jello, yogurt and whipped cream snacks during morning break on Thursday, February 28th.

On Friday March 1st, we will have a big Dr. Seuss birthday cake for G1-G4 students during morning break. All EC students will receive a Dr. Seuss' birthday favor pack (with sweets) at the end of their weekly library lesson between the 22nd and 1st.