World Languages Department

TCIS offers daily Chinese and Thai language programs PK-Grade 12. For additional details please visit the Thai Language and Chinese Language pages. 

At our High School, also offer Japanese and Korean for Grades 9-12.

Korean Language Course

The Korean Language Curriculum at TCIS is offered to High School students as an elective. The classes offered are divided according to difficulty level, from Korean I to Korean IV, providing various learning opportunities based on the students’ abilities and interests in Korean. Throughout the course, students learn and practice various grammatical patterns and phrases used in daily life for a hands-on approach to language education. Additionally, cultural activities such as the annual Korea Day celebration, field trips to the Korean Cultural Center, and Korean Cooking classes present opportunities for the comprehension of not only the language, but also the cultural heritage of Korea. We believe our students can successfully communicate in Korean with a native speaker in real-life settings and furthermore act as effective communicators in a global society.