High School Change of Course Request Form

High School Change of Course Request Form

Within the first two weeks of the school year, High School students can request to change their schedules, without the need to complete a Change of Course Request form.  After two weeks, students will need to complete this form, and obtain signatures from all teachers involved as well as their parents.

Reasons to change a schedule may include the need to complete graduation requirements, the need to move classes around toaccommodate a student's extracurricular schedule, teacher or student's academic concerns, or just a desire to take a different course altogether.  

​Student Services cannot guarantee a student's request will be met.  We take into account a variety of factors including teacher's class sizes, a student's strength of schedule, any potential scheduling conflicts, and the reason a student has for their request.

​Except for in rare instances with parent, student, teacher, and counselor consent, students will not be able to drop a class after the 6th week of the school year.