Students Excel in Sermpanya Proficiency Competition

There are 500+ students for Samutprakarn Province, 1000+ students for Central Thailand and 5000+ students for country who participated in the Sermpanya proficiency test competition.
Our TCIS students received 1st place for Mathematics and Advanced English. 
A big congrats to...
3rd Place    Thailand:  Advanced English    ---      Austin  (Grade 8) 
3rd Place    Thailand:  Advanced English    ---      Grace  (Grade 12)
1st Place   Central Thailand:  Advanced English     ---   Im-Aim (Grade 3)
1st Place   Samutprakarn Province:  Mathematics  ---       Prom  (Grade 2 )
1st Place   Samutprakarn Province:  Mathematics   ---      Pinn  (Grade 5) 
1st Place   Samutprakarn Province:   Advanced English    ---      Remy  (Grade 5)