MS Parent Newsletter 24 February 2020

The month of February is almost behind us and we will be finishing Quarter 3 soon. There are many things happening at the TCIS in the next few months including the MS Sports Day, Songkran, the 25th Anniversary, and graduations. On top of all of this, students need to keep working hard to finish the year on a strong note. Speaking of the 25th Anniversary, congratulations to Shera, Grade 7, for winning the Logo Contest! 

In this newsletter, Mr. Jeff talks about the PSAT results and his work to help all of our students get started preparing for the PSAT. In another section, Mr. David shares information about Middle School sports. There is also a section with photos from our Middle School Assembly in which our Thai Director, Kru Rung, handed out High Honors and Honors certificates for Semester 1. 

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