High School Graduation Requirements and Course Planner

High School Graduation Requirements and Course Planner

High School course registration occurs in the early spring. Student Services will work with students to choose the best courses for their interests and abilities.  We encourage our students to take as challenging a schedule as possible, including taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which could potentially earn students college credit.  In addition, because of the challenging nature of an AP course, students will receive a .5 point boost to their Grade Point Average (GPA) in each AP course taken.  

​As students advance through High School, our team works with them to explore pathways towards each student's potential major area of interest.  As an example, if a student has plans to attend university in a fine arts related field, we would encourage them to take as many fine arts classes at TCIS as possible (Graphic Design, Advanced Art, Art History, etc.).

If a student fails a core academic course during the school year, Keystone Credit Recovery or summer school courses may be available.

Please review the Course Planner and High School graduation requirements for more information on the classes offered at TCIS for the 2018-19 school year.


Graduation Requirements