Sports and Physical Education

TCIS has a strong P.E. program for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. We use the SPARKS program validated through San Diego State University. Each and every child experiences both lifetime and leisure sports activities as well as excellent physical conditioning.

Our new astro-turf athletic field allows for many PreK through grade 12 sports activities. Home-field games are played each week right in the center of our school facility. We have new stainless steel bleachers that can accomodate 300 sports viewers.

At TCIS we have a competition swimming pool and great swim teams. Our basketball teams are well known in Bangkok. We also have tennis, volleyball, tennis, golf, table tennis, softball, frisbee and cross-country teams that round out our excellent sports programs.

TCIS also has a very competitive extra-curricular athletics program. Our students compete regularly with students from schools around Bangkok and Thailand. We are in the BISAC league and this is the top-rated league in Bangkok.


Soccer Swimming

Thai Chinese International School Rules and Regulations for Sports and Extracurricular Activities

The Physical Education Department with respect to the Three BISAC Student Sports Season and uniform sign out would like to inform of you as athletes and parents of the current rules and procedures.

Every team at TCIS will have both home and away matches. Students will be required to make their teachers aware of when they need to leave early for an away match and make up any work missed on there own time.

Every student athlete is expected to behave responsibly and to represent TCIS in a positive manner here at TCIS and while visiting other schools. Sportsmanship and respect are to be held high and followed in every game/event.

TCIS is not responsible for any injury that occurs during a sporting match either on school premises or attending an away match.

The Thai Chinese International School will not be held responsible for any uniform that is lost, stolen or damaged. If this unfortunately occurs the Student will be billed the full amount of a replacement sports uniform. The price of a potentially lost uniform will not exceed 1000 baht.