School Health Services Department

School Health Services Department

The Nurse Clinic is a spacious and well staffed facility at TCIS that can accommodate several students at any given time of the day. The Nurse Clinic is open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The clinic is run by a full-time Nurse and an assistant. parents must give the Nurse Clinic the proper documents so they can assist each childwho has a minor accident (on site) and or major accidents (at a hospital).

Parents are asked to submit the Parent Consent Form to the Nurse each year during registration. This allows school authorities to provide emergency treatment for their child at a nearby hospital. This course of action will only be taken if there is a need and/or if the parent or guardian cannot be reached in time.

The clinic stays in touch with the Ministry of Public Health to keep abreast of health notifications. Current vaccination information is sent out to parents for their information and written consent. Students in grade 1 thru grade 6 may get some vaccinations from our nurse according to the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Records of previous vaccinations are kept on file with the school nurse.

A worldwide, comprehensive (24-hour) accident insurance coverage is provided for all students up to 50,000 baht yearly. In case of injury due to accident, the procedure to file a claim is as follows:

  • Nurse will prepare a claim form: The student needs to bring an original medical certificate duly signed by the attending doctor. 
  • Hand in the original receipt(s) of medical expense from the hospital, to the school clinic.
  • Reimbursement will be made within a few weeks at the office. Original receipts for further follow up can be claimed accordingly.