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Charity Sale

Ms. Elizabeth's Graphic Design class held a Charity Sale on 15th January 2015 to help support PAWS of Bangkok. Please check out their video.

Graphic Design students did a unit on the premise: "You have been asked to design a charity box for a low profile local charity who needs to raise public awareness to gather more support and funds." Students chose PAWS Bangkok, researched the organization, wrote of their findings and then over several weeks created charity boxes for the organization on Adobe Illustrator based on their findings. Students then printed and constructed the charity boxes in 3D. Students did a charity food sale to benefit PAWS and also created an original promotional video to show HS students what PAWS does and to promote their sale. This video was posted on the school website so that all of the TCIS community could learn about the organization and sale. This video was then edited to include PAWS donation info and will be put on YouTube to further educate the greater public and assist PAWS in becoming more well known. Additionally, students created promotional posters on Adobe Illustrator which were posted on campus to promote their sale and make PAWS better known. Students used the charity boxes to collect funds in addition to their sale. As a final activity, PAWS was invited on campus to speak to 4 different groups of students in high school. Students were taught about animal welfare and were able to meet one of the rescued cats PAWS has assisted.