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Notes from Dr. John

23 January 2018

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05 September 2017

Letter to parents on Facebook updates for TCIS:

English Version

Thai Version

Chinese Version

25 July 2017

An exciting road ahead awaits TCIS as we move into creating a school that prepares students for the careers, colleges and opportunities that await them. The future is indeed a confusing prospect for parents and educators to understand. What we learned, how we learned and why we learned and the challenges we faced are significantly different from what tomorrow’s future presents for our students and your children.

Our goal is building tomorrow, today. We are doing this through a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes tri-lingualism and language acquisition. Our students will have the opportunity to learn and become fluent in three languages by the time they matriculate; English, Chinese, and Thai. there are also opportunities in Korean and Japanese. As the school moves forward, Spanish will be added to complement the language focus.

Moving forward and building on the success under the leadership of former Head of Schools Dr. Steve Ballowe, we will endeavour to create learning spaces that are motivational, challenging, relevant and appropriate for all learners.

The school board and school administration have worked closely in developing a strategic plan that will map out the next five years at TCIS. I am excited to be the Head of School in an environment that is dynamic, flourishing, and forward thinking!

Come out on August 9th to our Open House and hear our plan for the future!